Saturday, December 30, 2006


I‘m at my MIL’s relatively new lake house, sitting at the rustic dining room table (newly acquired from Pottery Barn) and watching she and Jesse fish with the girls at the dock.

While this might sound posh, the lake could more aptly be described as a pond - a small, murky pond - surrounded by a swamp. It’s about an hour north-east of Houston, a bit pine-y, and very wet. Granted, a big storm system moved through yesterday, delaying our departure from Austin until today, but I think it’s always wet here. Odd how the landscape can vary so dramatically from Central Texas Hill Country to East Texas.

The girls love it though, as does Grandma, and Jesse. I think my love might take a little longer to flourish, but I’m giving it a try. The summer should improve my opinion.

The kettle’s just come to a boil; that will help too.

Christmas was pretty fabulous. Our party was lots of fun, so much so that Jesse has decreed it an annual event. Those of you who were too shy to come out of the woodwork should be bolder next year. On of the most coveted gifts was a marital aid DVD, in honor of World Peace Day, and another was a magnetic paper-doll set of Leslie. Too fun.

Christmas weekend we stayed indoors, as YES! Antonia, it finally got below 80 degrees. I sat in front of the fire for three days straight, rising only to fetch another log or another book or another cup of tea. Jesse took Hannah on a long hike through the woods on Christmas Eve, while Hazel, who had fallen asleep in my lap, napped on the couch. The next afternoon, they all three went, back behind our house, through the woods, along the creek, past the junkyard (what, don’t you live by a junkyard? Pity. OK, a dump will do.) and through the meadow back to our house. Jesse rocks.

I’ve worked all this week, and was now supposed to be off until the 9th, but I just learned I’ll need to go to Atlanta later this week – oh well, it sounded good.

I hope to have more time to post this week. And to knit, and read, and drink more of that eggnog I made (serious goodness) and not fish. Cheers!


Lisa said...

God, I hate fishing. Give me a good book, or even a very dull one, any day over endlessly waiting for a bored fish to come over and give us a nibble.

Oh, and the plumbing easement behind our house also serves as a junkyard.

Agent X said...

I just acquired about 10 fishing rods from my mother (they were my stepfathers)... let me know if you need to borrow. :) I actually love fishing. My grandmother and I used to do it all summer. East Texas is pretty in the Fall when the leaves are changing.