Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Day 5

Yes, the kids were still home from school today, and newsflash - they'll be home tomorrow. The policy of our school is that if the city school district closes or delays opening, we close. AISD opens late tomorrow, so the kids stay home. Another instance in which I am grateful that my husband works at the school and thus has the same schedule as the children.

Plus, look how cute he is.

When we uploaded pictures from the camera the other day, we found several photos taken by Hazel. She had been working really hard to frame her shots rather than fire them off haphazardly. To wit:

There were about ten additional, similar photos. She took the framed photos of herself as a baby and snapped away - it was hilarious. Serious art.

Which reminds me - the week of Christmas, both girls attended Laguna Gloria's art camp for four days, to give them a break from the house (HA - wish we'd had it this week). Hannah made a self-portrait in a "wild style."

It's amazing.

She also created a painting in the style of Marc Chagall - she was asked to draw a place she loved in the top right hand quadrant (the hospital in San Antonio where she was born) (??) and the people she loved in the bottom left hand quadrant (Jesse's mom and my sister, both as adults and as babies, Hannah, Hazel, a friend, and maybe me and Jesse, I'm not sure). It also rocks.

Hazel came home with a prolific portfolio - she clearly had a blast. Hannah's gone to several camps here over the years, but it was the first time Hazel was old enough to attend, and she made up for lost time.

She's also got the cuteness thing going for her.


La Turista said...

Don't you love their art? I need a wing in our house just to store it all. And I've been thinking about art camp at LG for Peach this summer. It sounds great.

Lisa said...

Jesse is cute! And Hannah's s.p. is truly amazing.

Krispy said...

I haven't raved enough over hannah's paintings. they are just awesome - I am thunderstruck!

and yes - where is 'ice camp' when you need it!