Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fauns, Snakes & Pains

I'm not one to enjoy horror or thriller films, or even any film or book that makes me uncomfortable due to fear or sadness. Accordingly, I'd struck Pan's Labyrinth from my to-see list, despite the rave review I read some weeks ago.

I've changed my mind.

After listening to director/writer Guillermo del Toro's interview with Teri Gross today, I'm hooked. He was beautifully articulate and erudite: his love for fairy tales, his RC grandmother who attempted to exorcise him as a child on more than one occasion, the fact that he laughed at her when she did so...he's brilliant. So, Kris, I'll go whenever you want. Whenever you can walk and I can breathe, anyway.*


We've been enjoying our new camera still - already, I'm lusting after a new lens, since we opted to use our own out of fiscal considerations.

This is a Memorial to an Unknown Snake, built by the children after they buried him in the copse in front of our house. The plastic flowers were left over from April Fools Day. I think they named it George, which is kind of odd since that's our dog's name. Maybe it is Frank. Anyway, RIP.


*Kris is suffering from lower back pain - she can't really get out of bed - and I have bronchitis - these ailments are a first for each of us.

I'm addicted to Traditional Medicinal Teas, and of course had to get the appropriate kinds for my new respiratory ills.

Plus, I had to try Rooibos since Tertia has raved about it before, and Jesse always asks for Chamomile and I never have it, and I LOVE Hojicha...at $4 plus each, it's quite a habit.


Lisa said...

I heard that interview, too. I really want to see it but I don't think I can go without Mr. Man.

Feel better.

Jennifer said...

Sorry you're ailing. I LOVE rooibos teas. I love them hot with a shot of milk (or better half and half) when I don't want any caffeine. They are also excellent iced. Its full of antioxidants. In South Africa they even feed it to babies in their bottles. Much better than juice, or cola!