Friday, January 19, 2007

It really is Friday, right?

Ya'll - I had the longest day today.

It was the first day back at school for the children, so I had to remember that whole routine of making breakfast, packing lunches, and dressing small bodies. Luckily our neighbor had offered to drive the girls to school, so they left while I was showering. I went to work - thank god I stopped at Central Market for a BEP (Bacon, Egg & Potato breakfast taco to the non-Austinites) on the way. Once at work, I tried to knock out a few deliverables before a 10:00 meeting. I had a part in that presentation, then got in my car directly afterwards at noon and headed to San Antonio to do it again, this time solo.

Once in SA, I drove through Chik-fil-a, which I knew was a mistake, but I did it anyway. I hate fast food, but I thought I should eat before the presentation, and I couldn't think of anything else, so...

Just as I was about to turn into our building's parking lot, which is close to North Star Mall, there was a crashed truck and tow truck in the middle of the road, so I had to drive past the driveway and then practically u-turn to turn left into it. No problem, until my soda flew to the floor, and the straw punched through the bottom of the cup and soda started pouring out. So now I have soda spewing on the floormat...I grabbed the cup, tried to hold it horizontally so it wouldn't flow, opened my door, and quickly passed it over my suited body, out the door, and emptied the contents. Only a few drops of coke on my suit - no problem, it's black. Jesse, I'm sorry about your floormat.

Into the building, maybe 20 minutes to spare before the presentation starts. Oh wait, it's a colleague's birthday - I missed her lunch, but I am just in time for the cake. But wait - she's on a conference call. Meanwhile, I'm ready to go prepare for my imminent meeting.

I pass on the cake, and head to the conference room. I eat a few waffle fries. There's fruit and desserts and drinks - wow, they look great.

I start the meeting, and finish a little before the promised two hours, then mingle a bit before my next meeting. Finally, at 4:45, I eat my slice of cake. I get chocolate everywhere - my Blackberry, my fingers, the table - it's a mess. Still haven't eaten my wrap or the rest of my fries - I toss them. Six bucks wasted.

I get back on the road shortly after five, hitting all of the traffic San Antonio has to offer in the meantime. Oh, and there's an accident heading south, which messes up north-bound traffic until we pass it. At 5:45, Jesse tells me he and the girls are going to Luby's. Luckily, I already know there are drinks happening at my neighbors', so I tell him I'll head there. Dinner = triscuits, cheddar, and two glasses of a lovely white wine. And fabulous company and hilarious family tree stories.

I leave, driving two teenagers down the street so they don't have to walk in the rainy cold weather. Finally home - the girls are just going to bed, and are full of stories from their day back at school. Today was their teacher's birthday, and Hannah and her best friend were asked to read the teacher's birthday book to the class (a self-made book of photos and stories from the teacher's childhood) - Hannah is thrilled. And, best of all, Hannah has reached a new milestone:

She has her first loose tooth.

So, to recap - I consumed one breakfast taco, four waffle fries, one piece of chocolate cake, two sips of coke, 32 ounces of water, a small plate of fruit, triscuits and cheese, and two glasses of wine today. Not to mention the Belgian chocolate I'm enjoying right now. And I drove 156 miles.



Jennifer said...

Man, what a day you had!

I also found it hard to get back into the swing of getting everyone ready for school. You'd think we had been off for weeks!

Antonia said...

156 miles? Good God, woman. Have another glass of wine. We went to Ikea today, oh ho ho ha ha ha, with a small baby oh woohoo ha ha. Now back home with a mixture of total exhaustion and delight that it's over.

Gorgeous photos of you all in the last few posts. You're a beautiful family.

Lisa said...

Wow, and there I was yesterday telling you all about my yoga class. The highlight of my day.