Monday, January 15, 2007

Lazy Day

Today is a snow day, or more aptly, an "it's going to be icy soon today" day, so those entities which weren't already closed in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King are announcing their closing now. KUT just informed me that in Moscow, there's no snow for the first January in anyone's memory, and it's currently 50 degrees. Moreover, this depresses people!! OK, I can understand that at that latitude, the snow helps to create light by reflection, but still...! Jesse and I watched Archangel the other night, in my quest to consume the Daniel Craig Opus, if not Daniel Craig, and while it was surprisingly good, it confirmed my intention never to visit Russia.

By the way, Lisa, if you haven't seen it, get it - M. would enjoy it. It's not great, but it's good.

While I'm thinking about NPR, I was awoken this morning by the news on the radio in my bedroom. I'm not sure how the alarm got set to radio, but it renewed my fondness for waking up to the news. Unfortunately, since the girls invariably migrate to our bed each night, I've stopped listening to the news in bed so that they don't hear it. Either we need to stop this war or...well, no or.

Work is kicking my ass - not only with the current pile, but with the vision of big tasks to accomplish in Q1 andthe knowledge that I'll be slammed for the next foreseeable three months. I refuse to look further. I haven't been in my office since the end of December, and only two of the days since then were vacation. And today. I hope to see it Friday, although this weather may put me back there sooner.

OK, enough whining.

But wait - I feel compelled to say that I hate a boring job, slow day at work, etc., and so this busy-ness is GREAT! It's just the no end in sight that is getting to me, I think.

This is my favorite kind of morning. Cold, bacon in the oven, Ricotta Pancakes mixing as we speak, George lying on her new bed by my desk, and everyone asleep. Oh, and coffee, of course. And a vacation day! What's not to love?

I hope your MLK day is equally joyous and celebratory. If you're here in Austin, I hope you're off today too, if not for the holiday than for the ice. If you're not here in Austin then yes, if it freezes, we get to stay home. Also if it rains too much. If we got to stay home on 100+ days, however, we'd never get anything done.

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Lisa said...

Archangel is already in the queue, but thanks for recommending it. What with the icy weather, I may not receive it this week.

Mr. Man did go in to work, calculating that the streets won't ice until nightfall.

I'm so glad we are warm & toasty inside.
And I, too, have no desire to visit Russia.