Wednesday, February 21, 2007

At the movies

Thanks to my beloved husband, and the wonders of technology, this post is brought to you from the Alamo Drafthouse (south) where I await Kris and the start of Pan's Labrynth.

Bookhart (see link to left - this technology ain't wondrous enough to be able to embed links) saw the movie recently, and I am a little nervous. I also abhor gore and scariness...so I appreciate her warning and plan to have my hands ready for eye-coverage. However, it doesn't seem like it will be gore for its own sake, and from what images I have seen online, the cinematography and special effects are amazingly beautiful.

I have just ordered my draft Newcastle and "Big Fat Greek" veggie pizza - life is good.

I got here early, the better to make my escape while I could, and am enjoying the pre-show offerings. A lovely Indian song and dance just concluded, and now there is a 50's dance number in
B&W. Very mod.

Work continues apace, and I have not been a good commenter lately. So here, from memory, are some comments:

Jennifer - I am one of those poor people who have to shop on weekends. However, I love my early-Sunday morning trips to Whole Foods, and I beat the rush and get to have some quiet time most days, so it is actually a treat. Luckily I work a few meters from Central Market, so I can buy the wine that the ridiculous blue laws keep from me each Sunday morning.

A country girl - think Daisy Duke - just bent backwards from a hayloft, with an apple in her mouth, and lowered her upper body down in a backbend using only her legs, then raised herself back up again...wow.

Anyway, Sunday used to be my laundry day, but now I have to start Saturday morning and usually finish Sunday afternoon or evening. And I completely agree that an exit strategy is critical - it sucks to have unfinished, wrinkled laundry hanging over your head.

Antonia - brilliant Derek flick. However do you tear yourself away from gazing adoringly at Esme to creat such wonders, and when are you coming to Austin to entertain us in person? No pressure.

Mama Malcontent - I have that gardening bug too - I am so glad it is finally warming up enough to contemplate digging in the dirt. Hurrah!

Karla May, I hope you get some soon, AND that your mom doesn't read about it.

OK, pizza and beer are here, Kris is almost here, and I'm outta here.


Jennifer said...

Yes, shopping while the rest of the crowds are sleeping or are at church is a definite plus! I can't believe you wrote all that while at the theatre.

I TOTALLY agree that Antonia needs to grace us Texans with a visit...

Lisa said...

I have already dug in the dirt this spring. Tuesday, sugarbear & I went to the Natural Gardener and bought some nasturtium seedlings, which I planted yesterday. And we have about 100 million poppy seedlings coming up. I'm Stoked!!

Mama Malcontent said...

I'm so jealous- a real movie, at the Alamo, with adults? sigh...

I am planning to get plannting tomorrow- do you have any expertise with those pesky deer in your hood?

After all this work to get the dirt ready it would be heart breaking to have my garden be reduced to left overs.

Antonia said...

I've been a rubbish commenter too! I feel better that it's not just me.

Ever since Lisa told me about Stitch & Bitch, I've got it stuck in my head that stitching and bitching in Texas sounds like possibly the most fun one can have while knitting and I keep thinking wistfully of it.

We are coming to the States this summer but we'll be in the northeast, in MA where my dad lives. We might do Blogher in Chicago though. Any of you Texans going?

Lisa said...

Antonia, do you have any idea what kind of shockwave you've sent through our little community just by saying you might be in Chicago this summer??

Do you?

Jennifer said...

So, how was the movie?