Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Baby it's cold out there

It's still winter here in Austin, and I'm bitter. We've only had a few balmy, sunny days this month, and I am feeling cheated. I want my Texas weather!

To improve the situation (NB - IRONY), our heat pump is temporarily out of service while a nice man named Lee tries to find replacement fan blades for our fan. Apparently, the whining noise about which I called in a service request earlier this year was not actually typical, but rather a sign that the motor bearings were going out. Blah blah ice blah blah flames...all I know is that I'm now using "emergency heat" which doesn't seem quite as warm and is far more expensive. And has that cachet of...EMERGENCIES. Which isn't what you want on a cold winter's night - you want warmth and security, right? Well, then don't come here.

However, my darling husband hurried home from work today to prepare lamb chops, garlic mashers, and asparagus with a delish caper, hollandaise-ish sauce. And also lit a fire. And brought home strawberries freshly dipped in Belgian chocolate. So I really shouldn't complain.

He's also requested a post describing our night at the mall Monday when we took the girls to Build A Bear Workshop - he carefully photodocumented the entire procedure JUST so I could blog about it. So stay tuned.

In the meantime, some random photos:

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How beautiful is this child? Inside and out.

She lost her first tooth this weekend.

No Tooth
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A final reminder - posture is everything.

Queen Hazel
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Lisa said...

Please congratulate Hannah for us on the loss of her tooth!

And I can't believe I just heard you, of all people, asking for the return of our typical weather pattern. You with the fireplace.