Sunday, February 04, 2007


Work has been kicking my ass.

Usually, I'm able to leave work at the office and shed my job-related stressors the minute I leave for home. This year, however, it's been a different story. Starting with the first week of the new year, when I had to go out of town for work in the middle of a week's vacation, go out of town again the next week, go out of town again the next week...are you seeing the pattern? I've traveled way more this year already than last year, or at least it feels that way. Last week I went to San Antonio two days in a row, returning at 7 pm each night. I'm coordinating a big shin-dig next week, and it's eating my lunch.

HOWEVER - I fully intend to get back to normal after that. Hear that, universe?

I've woken up early the past week to get in some extra work time. This morning, the house was quiet, and as the sun came up, the deer came out. I tried to get some photos of them with the zoom lense a friend loaned us - but apparently I needed more light.

I like their glowing eyes.

But look - with editing tools...their eyes still glow.

I was able to get a closer view of one of the recent flocks of Cedar Waxwings which has been gracing our neighborhood of late:

That's all. I'm whipped.


La Turista said...

Great pics. We haven't seen our deer in a while - maybe they've moved over to your neighborhood!

Jennifer said...

OK, now we all want the engagement story...