Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I went back to yoga today - same teacher as the last Wednesday, but a beginner (in name, at least) version of the class. The instructor is very good at pushing you, and since it is a challenge, your mind is fully occupied for the 75 minutes you're there. Given my day today, that was quite an accomplishment.

I dragged along a co-worker today - I hope she returns with me.

I'd like to complain about work, but I won't.

I'd like to spend hours outside gardening, but when? Our calendar is full, full full of events, none of them yard-related.

I need to straighten up the house, so that when the house cleaners come tomorrow, they can actually clean, instead of guess where things go.

I'd like to buy new clothing to wear to yoga, instead of this one outfit I am wearing now, but I haven't yet. How many yoga classes = new yoga gear? Maybe Fussy knows.

How many times do you have to pay off consumer debt before it stays paid off? Maybe this year I will find out. But I think it's like counting licks on a tootsie roll pop.

Jesse did tell me we can cross one event off of our calendar - going to his mom's lakehouse in Houston the same weekend he has to go to Houston for work. I really don't want to canoe the kids around those teensy lakes by myself. So maybe I can garden then! Is that what they call a silver lining?

OK, must clean. Silver lining good, yoga good, schedule not good.

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Krispy said...

can I brag about cheap yoga gear at target? this from the girl who can't buy clothing at a place unless there are shopping carts to contain the people who accompany me. the yoga pants are fine at $14.99.

gardening? it'll probably rain all those times you have scheduled yourself to be free to do it anyway. I'm all about no-plan gardening. (although I did accidently weed some zinnias today. oops.)

lakehouse a miss? bonus!

clean house? lovely. (and envy.) My mom on this visit piped up from the other room to meekly ask:
"so, when was the last time you had someone in to help you clean?"