Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Have I mentioned how happy I am that Spring is here? I think we can finally call it - we had two freezing nights this last weekend, coupled with days in the 70's. I'm convinced that was our last snap, coming as it does every year once the Redbuds have decided to go for broke. The elms are budding (sniff, sniff), the grass is greening, and the heater can finally take a break.

This weekend, we went to the 79th annual Kite Festival with the Lisa family and the Kristina family - check out the Flickr badge on the sidebar. The weather was perfect, the wind was gusty, and the kids all had as much fun as the adults. It's beginning to be the time of year in Austin when there are so many events going on, you end up missing fabulous ones because you can't go to ALL of them.

This is not a photo from the kite fest, but it is from this weekend, and since you rarely get to see them together (in a photo), and since it is so darn cute - I present Smith & Kris:

Smith & Kris
Originally uploaded by sinda kate.

Next week is Spring Break, and since we have plans for just about every day, including two out-of-town trips, I probably won't have even a minute in which to garden. Apparently it has stopped raining in Texas, so I've been watering the back yard in an effort to give it a head start on summer. The sound of the sprinkler going is so evocative of summer for me.

I have to go to target now - the Tooth Fairy has received a special request - we'll see if she can honor it.


Jennifer said...

I am glad you finally made it out of the Alamo Drafthouse. That is a fun photo!

Lisa said...

That is a good picture!