Tuesday, March 20, 2007

politics is about

Have you seen the Hillary 1984 video yet?

I can't access You Tube from work, but all the news feeds were buzzing about it today.

I have to say, I like Hillary. I concede that she is pragmatic, but I think that's in her favor. Our system, for better or worse, is one of compromises and shifting priorities, and I'm not convinced that idealists can get anything accomplished.

I do like Obama, and I want to learn more about him - and maybe a Hillary/Barack platform would be an exciting thing, who knows.

The girls and I had a political conversation tonight, stemming from Hannah's observation of the blooming Bluebonnets on Mo-Pac. I told her about Ladybird, and how she worked to beautify the nation's highways and our own Town Lake. This led to the definition of "First Lady," the assertion that yes, girls could be President (we can, right?), and inevitably, a discussion of who was president now and how he got that way.

When I explained the concept of majority rule, the girls asked if I had voted for Bush. They were dismayed when I said I hadn't, since I hadn't backed a winner! They asked me which of his plans I didn't like (I had explained how you vote for a person based on the plan they share with you to run the country) and I enumerated war on innocent people, lack of social services, predicating school funding on tests...they agreed with me that Bush has very poor plans.

What do you think about the 08 elections? Hillary, Edwards, Obama, ...?

I assume, if you're here, that you won't be missing the Shrub, but who knows...do tell!

Googlism for Politics

politics is foreign
politics is to appeal to the
politics is murder
politics is a laughing matter
politics is impolitic
politics is key to survival
politics is for people
politics is alive and well in el paso
politics is murder
politics is the move to privatize
politics is just a part of being
politics is rotten
politics is a poor
politics is local
politics is shaped through the
politics is political
politics is a duty for people of faith
politics is life and vice versa
politics is newly health
politics is a duty
politics is about
politics is interesting again
politics is going to pot for cannabis crusader
politics is not a game
politics is destroying
politics is power


Lisa said...

I'm gonna write in Twisty Faster.

Agent X said...

So...I am kind of sad today. I really don't like Hilary. I don't find her pragmatic as much as I find her opportunistic. I like Obama ok. I really like John Edwards. His commitment to his family and his anti-war stance make me happy. The news of Elizabeths cancer return is very sad. Sometimes it is the whole picture that makes the man/woman/politician. I think Elizabeth is a vital part to John and i fear the worse for their family. Still I really like them/him. Politically I want Al/John or John/Obama. I wish for the day that a woman will be president, but I wish for the right woman. I still miss Ann though. She would have been awesome!
You did ask.

Lisa said...

Oh, I miss Ann, too. SO much.