Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Like Karla May, we drove north Friday night and got stuck in a traffic jam that lasted from here to Georgetown, and then from Belton to Hillsboro. It was not fun. But once we arrived in OKC, we had a blast.

The zoo there was terrific, and even better was the Omniplex next door, a kind of Exploratorium. The kids had a terrific time visiting their friend Z, who is 2 years older than Hannah and whom they have known their whole lives.

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Z's Cool Hat
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Gorilla Rest
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There are more pictures at Flickr too.

Yesterday, my niece and nephew, who are 8 and 4, came to visit for a few days. Their parents were very worried about how the four-year-old would do sleeping away from home - he's a fitful sleeper at best, apparently - but he did great. The eight-year-old read them all stories until 9:30, then they all crashed, and didn't budge again. Love it!

The cousins will party here together, then we'll drive them back to Houston and visit Grandma - ah, Spring Break. In a perfect world,I'd be outside the entire time, with a day spent at The Natural Gardener and three days spent in the yard. At least the rain makes me feel better - for the obvious drought-relieving reasons, as well as for a iron-clad excuse for not doing yard work.

Since we were gone over the weekend, seedlings of last years' Cosmos, Zinnias and Sunflowers have sprouted, as well as a few stray potatoes the girls planted a few weeks ago. And my back yard actually needs mowing.

Kristing and I have been going to a yoga class at the Y on Saturday mornings, which I love. The instructor is great, the class is more than beginner but not so challenging it's discouraging, and I feel great after. I'm sad to have missed it last Saturday and to miss it again this Saturday. Last week, I decided to try a weekday, lunch-time class at a studio across the street from my office. It's much more challenging - I was far more sore than I've ever been after yoga, and even after a vigorous workout. I'm going to go back today, though, and see if I can keep it up. Fussy, I've been re-reading Yogabeans! for inspiration - thank you!

Do you ever play with Googlism?

--Sinda is also a yoga instructor at new york sports club


Agent X said...

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Agent X said...

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ztrivegj said...

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Lisa said...

That Toast will kill us all.
But probably you first.