Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Challenge

It's TV Turnoff Week - April 23rd - 29th. Since it ties in nicely with the previous post - did you watch it yet? watch it - I thought I'd include a plug for smashing or at least stashing the TV set.

Some info from the site:

"One of the major risk factors for interpersonal youth violence appears to be a history of heavy television viewing, particularly the viewing of televised violence... Interpersonal youth violence represents a major public health threat facing our nation. Whether measured as homicide rate, hospitalization rates, firearm injury rates, or as risk factor for mental illness, violence causes substantial morbidity and mortality among younger Americans."

An intervention to reduce television, videotape, and video game use decreases aggressive behavior in elementary schoolchildren. These findings support the causal influences of these media on aggression and the potential benefits of reducing children's media use.

We encourage parents to reduce or eliminate children's screen time, to remove televisions and other screens from children's bedrooms, to encourage kids to become involved in a wide range of activities, and to serve as positive role models by reducing their own screen time.

So - I don't know, turn it on, turn it off. I buy the connection of TV viewing to increased violence, and even more disturbing, to our ability to tune out the blood and gore and just soak in the excitement. I see behavior changes in my children when they watch TV, and I fight hard to resist the tempatation to sit them in front of it for my own sake. I'm extremely lucky that our lifestyle in and of itself inhibits TV - if I were a single parent, or even just a solo parent for long periods of time, I know I'd have the TV on.

[Insert nicely summed up conclusion here.]

Jesse says I need to come to dinner. So I will.


Agent X said...

As a major TV addict, I have to agree with trying to keep the kids away. I actually find it easier to NOT watch TV when I am alone with X. Taking him outside occupies him so much better than sitting on the couch.

Lisa said...

You know, watching TV shows on your computer still counts as watching TV, right?