Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Day in Austin

The sun is shining - it's another beautiful late-spring day in Austin. I should be at The Natural Gardener by now, but the girls are having so much fun playing; I don't want to disturb their peace.

Our plans for the weekend changed again, and we stayed home from Houston. Friday night we celebrated our friendship with the Kris family at an impromptu dinner. Kris was cooking when I called to ask them if they wanted to get together, and invited us over for delicious carrot soup, focaccia (both homemade and incredible). We brought salad, quesadilla fixings for the children, and wine, and a great night was born. It's always a perfect evening there - no stress, no fuss, just good food and good company. The three older children played together peacefully all night - not a bickering word was heard. Little J hung with us mostly, and seemed pretty happy to do so. Thanks, guys!!

Yesterday we saw Kris again as the girls and I headed to the Y, me for yoga, the girls for daycare. After a great yoga class, we parted company with Kris, and headed to Westgate for more yoga. After snacking at CM and browsing at the bookstore, the girls took in a children's yoga class and were delighted to have a former classmate in the group.

Energized, we went home to pick up Jesse and our swimsuits, then headed out to Mangia's for a quick lunch before hitting Deep Eddy - the inaugural swimming trip of the year! The weather was prefect, and the pool had plenty of visitors, but not too many. Aunt Bou and Mosey joined us so he could try out his new suit we gave him for his birthday - too cute.

Jim-Jim's cart wasn't out yet, so we headed to Molly's instead and had snow-cones, a must for post-swimming children. The girls ate their treats while Jesse got a haircut at Birds (Rock in, Roll out, Dudes) and then we headed to Threadgill's for dinner. I know - it was non-stop ALL. DAY.

After Threadgills, we followed Hannah's advice and took the girls to Peter Pan Putt Putt. Hannah has played two or three times, and Jesse really needs to get her out on a course - she's great, and enthusiastic. Hazel is...well, this was her first time, and she was definitely enthusiastic. She scooted the ball along like a hockey puck, and never gave up. Luckily, the four guys playing behind us didn't mind waiting and were good-natured each time her ball went backwards onto their hole.

We played from 8-10 PM, and yet, the girls did great. And slept well.

Today, Jesse is off to Houston on some school business, and the girls and I will stay home and play outside all day. Which is why I should go here. Soon. Maybe I can convince them to postpone whatever it is they are doing...OK, just heard Hazel say, "Stop acting like an evil witch!" Sounds like they're ready.

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