Thursday, April 12, 2007

Just so you know

Jesse says he is doing much better. He slept in a cool, air-conditioned hotel room, dreaming the honeyed dreams of the lotos-eaters...and he stayed there today too, foregoing the canoeing trip the rest of the group took. He joined them for dinner, and then went bac to the hotel for a good night's sleep - they return tomorrow. Thank you for your well wishes for him.

I dd offer to fetch him, but he declined.

I haven't told the girls yet - I remember how freaked out they got when he sprained his ankle in Ohio last summer. I'll wait until I pick them up tomorrow so they'll only have a little while in which to become anxious before he returns.

They were very sweet this afternoon - they planned a big doll wedding, which is to take place tomorrow. Outfits were procured, seating was arranged - it should be a spectacular event. Afterwards, they mostly ignored the dinner I made, and dined instead on foraged items - cereal, crackers, juice, bananas, milk, and water. Whatever - as long as it's actual food, I'm happy. Then they bathed themselves, brushed their teeth, chose their "tomorrow outfits," and we were off to bed. In the meantime, I finished Lost in a Good Book and am ready for The Well of Lost Plots.

I'm off to watch last week's episode of 30 Rock. I love the innernet.

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