Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Pesach Sameach

We're a little late in celebrating Passover, because, well for one, we don't really celebrate the holiday so much as the food, and so therefore the timing is pretty flexible. It also seemed wiser to have a party on a night with no school the next day, which is working well for everyone but Ruby - darn AISD and their snow days.

I've been up tonight preparing what I could in advance - the cold, salty lamb shoulder which sounds a little odd, odder when you know how it is prepared*, but tastes delicous; Nigella's Clementine Almond cake, tweaked to include Blood Oranges instead, because we've all had a passion for them recently; and the Haroset, which no one ever eats but because it's easy, healthy, and traditional, I like to make.

Tomorrow we'll make squidgy potatoes, and asparagus, and fabulous guests will bring Leek Pate, Matzoh Ball Soup, Macaroons, (deviled?) eggs, and a Trifle. Yum.

Thanks for your comments regarding Hannah and the Needle of Doom. Her blood work came back clean - in fact, the pediatrician called at 7:45 the next morning, which I quite admired. We took a urine sample in today and hope to have equally speedy results tomorrow.


Thanks also, Antonia, for the new design shout-out. I've finally started to play with the Beta layout options and I've been having fun.


* From Claudia Roden, but I can't find it online: take a lamb shoulder. Throw it in a pot with salty water to cover. Boil for two hours or so (add water if needed). Let cool, then chill in the frig (mine will chill overnight). Remove from liquid, serve. Dead easy, and amazingly good.

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Lisa said...

It was all delish!

I never got to taste the bitter greens, though.

Also, I thought Prosecco was a great addition to the celebration.