Thursday, April 26, 2007


Today is our 10th wedding anniversary. We celebrated by:

-- rushing the kids off to school
-- driving to San Antonio (me)
-- getting a call from school - Hazel doesn't feel well (me)
-- leaving work to get Hazel and take her home (Jesse)
-- spending the afternoon with an achey, bored child (Jesse)
-- not eating dinner (me)
-- contemplating canceling our trip to West Texas for a wedding this weekend, long-awaited and anticipated by Hazel (me, Kris)

She has a fever and a headache, a horrible headache. Poor thing.

But we will rise to celebrate another day. I love you, sweetie - happy anniversary, and let's get some sleep.


Antonia said...

Wowee - ten years! Congratulations!! Hope the lurgy clears up, you get some sleep and a good celebratory knees-up is had by all.

La Turista said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! We're hitting the double-digits this year, too. AND we had a case of the fevery headache and general feeling of puny-ness around here one day this week, too. Again with the parallel lives.