Saturday, April 07, 2007

Time Travel

In need of a book this morning, I took down The Jane Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde - the next Thursday Next book comes out this summer, and I was in need of a refresh. Quite a bit of time travel takes place in this book, which was ironic, because I also traveled back in time today. Specifically, I revisited Christmas '06, over which holiday weekend I did nothing but sit in my big comfy couch in front of the fire.
As other chilly Austin bloggers have noted, it's freakin' freezing here! Literally - it is 32 degrees right now, and it SLEETED (slut?) this afternoon. Very bizarre for April.
Thursday has made her way out of the novel, after having rewritten the ending for the benefit of Mr. Rochester, and I'm waiting for Jesse to finish helping the girls get to bed so we can watch a movie in front of the fireplace. It's just like Christmas, I tell you.
Other than go to yoga with the girls today, I've done nothing. Oh -well, I did make dinner, including some yummy flat breads which we devoured. And Jesse helped the girls color eggs. At some point I must put together some baskets of goodies.
Tomorrow we drive out to Dripping Springs (Drippin' if you're a native) for a now-annual event with an old friend and her new family - new wife and new baby, now a toddler. Her mom throws the party every year and it's a fabulous one, although she had to call the pony off tomorrow due to weather.
Happy Easter, ya'll.

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