Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Well, It Seemed Like a Good Day

I'm a Montessori widow again, as Jesse is on a camping trip this week. The girls and I have settled into it nicely, and they've done a great job waking up and getting ready each morning.

My day was full of reports and anticipation - reports because lately, I'm in Excel ALL. DAY. LONG. And anticipation because it's Wednesday, YOGA day, at last. Yoga did not disappoint - the regular instructor was back to exhort us "Really, it's gonna be great!" each time she sent us back to our mats. We had inner spirals, outer spirals, and LOTS of muscle energy.

Afterwards,checking my messages, I received word to meet my children and my neighbors at Taco Xpress* to eat and hear The Hudsons - a fabulous end to the day.

Or so I thought. Insert ominous music here. Not Taco Xpress music either.

I called Jesse on the way home - luckily, the girls weren't in the car with me to hear our conversation. "I was going to call you," he said "I'm at the hospital."

With 40 kids and adults camping, injuries aren't all that uncommon, and he sounded fine, so I didn't even think he meant that HE was IN the hospital, but he did and he was.

1st and 2nd degree burns on his face, neck and chest - he was carrying a big pot of recently-boiled water and tripped - it sloshed up on him and OUCH.

So he's now waiting to be discharged, having received a tetanus shot, some Sulvadine and some Demerol. Poor guy. Two more muggy nights and days before he is due to come home. Think cooling, pain-free thoughts for him, please.

Which reminds me - Hannah's blood work etc. has so far come out fine. We have one more quickie test Monday, and if that one goes well, we can hopefully relax.

All's well that ends well?

* MUTE your computer before you visit Maria. I did not and almost jumped out of bed.


Lisa said...

OMG! Poooor Jesse. I can't believe they won't find a way to get him home earlier.

Agent X said...

Wow...I hope he is ok!

Jennifer said...

Oooh, ouch, burns hurt so much. Hope you heal quickly, Jesse.