Tuesday, May 15, 2007


What's the highlight of my day?

is it:

1) the incredible words of support and admiration I received at work today?
2) the news that next week's Veronica Mars is a two-hour season finale?
3) the fact that the ACL lineup includes both Regina Spektor and Amy Winehouse and that I'll have rockstar passes?
4) that I got enough work done today to relax at home tonight and not work?
5) with a glass of wine?
6) all of the above?

Life is good.


Krispy said...

yes, but is she going to dump Piz and swing back to darling deputy Leo?

no. she's not.

and re: the words of support and admiration from work? you deserve them every day woman. you rock. you totally do.

Lisa said...

What Kris said.

Sinda said...

Angela texted me tonight to say that Veronica is officially canceled.


And thanks- ya'll are an awesome posse - the best friends a girl could ask for.