Saturday, June 02, 2007

Non Stop Lethargy

New weekend, still hot, still tired. It's definitely summer.

We started the weekend off by joining our friends downtown at the Children's Museum for the kick-off to their new exhibit, The Big Game. The kids all enjoyed playing Connect 4, Chess, Checkers, and various other games with each other and random strangers.

This morning the girls and I went to the farmers market to stock up on fresh peaches, blueberries, a chicken, lots of corn, zucchini and cucumbers, and one feather bookmark (Hannah's purchase). Jesse stayed home to perform plumbing surgery, which he accomplished quite nicely. Then we went to yoga en famille, and then on to Deep Eddy. Today was the grand unveiling of their new bathhouse, which was lovely, and the event included a band, a synchronized swimming troupe, Amy's ice cream, and other fine purveyors of Austin food, hot and icy cold.

The scene was so perfect, so Austin, that I had to capture it on my phone:

I wish I'd captured this guy earlier - while we were getting our Jim-Jim's, he was dancing around in a superman speedo that said "bad ass" on the bum, knee high yellow socks, and a child's floatie on each arm. Predictably, it was the floaties that seemed out of place to my children.

But he put on a towel before I could snap him in all his gory glory.

After a quick visit home to change, we headed back out, to Symphony Square to see Trout Fishing in America. We've had tickets to this event for months, but had forgotten about it until last night, which is why we had to ditch Kris and Lisa and miss the Pirate movie. How was it, guys?

But, it was another Austin treasure that I felt compelled to record:

Believe it or not, Hannah did not fall in.

Everyone is asleep now, and I'm not far behind. It was a long day, but we all had a great time. We leave in a few days for San Francisco, so it's good to get in some Austin summer time before then.

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