Sunday, June 10, 2007

Travel Tales

We've been in the Bay Area for the past few days, visiting old friends who moved from Austin a couple of years ago. Their son is like a brother to the girls, and it has been a pleasure to witness their joyful reunion.

The night We arrived, we ate at the Ferry Building, at a lovely restaurant called the Market Bar. Hannah especially enjoyed oysters on the half shell and lobster, while Hazel ate some bread, curled up on the banquette, and fell asleep. Hannah and her friend got back into the swing of friendship easily and we were all able to enjoy one another's company.

He had school Friday, so after we walked him there, we headed into SF on the Bart, which was really the only reason Hazel came - public transportation. We ate a fantastic lunch at an Italian place called Kuletos - grilled sardines, salad with fresh greens, fresh veggies, sliced almonds, and.a round of fresh goat cheese. Hannah had Minestrone and Hazel grazed a little. After that we wandered around, visiting Yerba Buena park, the Museum of Craft and Folk Art (Hannah enjoyed a Japanese paper exhibit there), and Nordstrom's to replace shoes (we lost a carry on bag at some point after we arrived on Thursday).

Later that night, we went to the house of friends who are out of the country, and whose teenager our friends are keeping an eye on. We had a small party, to which my cousin was able to come. I haven't seen him since Hannah was an infant, so it was really great to catch up with him, especially out from under the familial gaze.

The kids ran around until they were so tired that Hannah actually asked that we go home and sleep.

Ok, more later - I'm at a Giants game and people are cheering for some reason.

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