Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dear Diary,

It's been some time since we last spoke. I've been busy - aren't we all - with work, home, houseguests past, present and future, and plans for a five-year-old's birthday blowout.

George has taken to barking for absolutely no discernible reason. She's eaten, she has fresh water, she doesn't wan't to go outside...we're clueless, and attributing it to her advanced canine age - 12 years is getting on for a lab.

Toast, in a break with tradition, has taken to showing consideration in the morning, and for the last few weeks merely sits on my bedside dresser from 5:00 AM on and makes occasional small mews.

Maybe they've swapped bodies like Jamie Lee Curtis in that movie I never saw??? I think I just figured it out!

Hazel is counting down the days until her birthday. She's been requesting bangs for some time now, which I always resist, but we finally gave in to preempt a self-cut, and they look super cute. Of course.

Hannah is growing like a weed (they both are) and her old bike is starting to look teeny tiny. She has to pedal twice as fast as her friends to keep up - luckily, her birthday is also around the corner.

I know every Austin blogger has already covered this, but I have to comment on the weather. First of all, I have to admit that while I used to think only geriatrics paid close attention to the weather, I'm having to revise my opinion because I'm becoming one of them and I'm not that old. It was 68 degrees when I went out for the paper this morning - honestly, it feels like mid-September already, BUT IT NEVER GOT HOT! I know, I know, we have the whole month of August to go, and September could screw us, but OMG where is summer?

Is it a little self-centered to think that this is all to prepare me for my emigration?

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