Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Die Hard

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I went to the movies last night with my neighbors Dawn and Paula. We started looking online at 7:17 and chose a movie that started at 7:20. Then we talked about it some more, and then we got up. We walked through the woods to Paula's house, since she was the only one who hadn't been drinking, and headed off. Then we had to call Jesse to make sure we knew which to theatre we were headed (The one in the mall? Or across from the mall?).

It was about 7:40 by the time we parked, bought our tickets, and made it to the theatre. When we walked in, it was quiet and the lights were on, and a man walking out told us there had been sound problems. The minute we sat down, the show started.

This is all thanks to Paula. She's the kind of person who never stresses about tickets, timing...she just calmly decides when and where she wants to go, and trusts that it will all work out when she gets there. And it does. Want to go to ACL? Paula will buy tickets from scalpers on her way in, at half the price everyone else paid. Want to see the Dixie Chicks? Great tickets, close to the front, bought outside the door.

So we shouldn't have been surprised when the film burned. Bruce had already rescued his girl and the hacker-geek. The bad guys were all dead. All we missed was a punchline or two, and in exchange, we each got two free tickets.


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Jennifer said...

Man, some people do seem to walk around in a lucky cloud...