Saturday, July 28, 2007

Jesse's family is here.

Last night I received a phone call at midnight. I was reading HP, and was within the last 10 pages, so I did not answer the phone. Jesse brought it to me saying, "You have GOT to take this call." It was Niki and Barb, old old friends from college. Niki was my roommate our freshman year, and we met Barb in that first semester.

I have so many stories about these two, I could fill a separate blog.

But I won't. I will say that Barb knows someone every where she goes, and that everyone loves her. And that Niki has always been a rock, and the voice of reason.

I'm glad you guys called, and I hope you make it down here sometime to visit in person.

This morning we all slept late - thank god! - and I ran errands, gathering the supplies for Hazel's party tomorrow before it was time to head off to Angela's party. Ya'll should go send her birthday wishes (and Mr. Man too) right away. Angela's party was a blast, as always, even thought I didn't get down with the SlipNSlide like the rest of the ladies.

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Stacy said...

That's nice to hear from old friends, but boy do I hate being interrupted when I'm sprinting to the end of a book. And HP was a sprint. :)