Sunday, July 08, 2007

Red, White and Blue

I've been enjoying a rare day of puttering at home today. We've been at the lakehouse since the Fourth, but came home a day early to give everyone some much need home-time.

Grandma's lakehouse was as wonderful as last time - it's definitely a magical spot in the summertime. We fished, ate, swam, canoed, fished, ate and swam. Plus canoed. Then we did it all over again. It rained, but at perfectly timed intervals - overnight, or during dinner, or when we would rather be watching movies or playing Yahtzee! again. Otherwise, it was perfectly hot and sunny.

The cousins were there the day we arrived, although they had to return home that night. There was enough overlap for us to see Sam catch a snapping turtle with his fishing pole - I wish I had a picture of it, but Jesse was understandably leery of holding it long enough for me to fetch the camera. The turtle brought with it the realization that unpleasantness could lurk beneath the water, but the kids managed to forget that most of the time. Except that one day when Hannah mischieviously knocked Hazel's foot with a small net under the water and Hazel screamed bloody murder...good times.

Oh - we did stay in town long enough to participate in the annual neighborhood 4th of July parade, and I do have pictures of that.

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Waving her flag
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Angela came - see her? - and our houseguests attended too. The adolescents really enjoy this holiday and give it their creative attention.

How was your holiday?

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peevish said...

Emily looks adorable, as usual.

So does Elijah.

Hi Angela!