Wednesday, August 22, 2007


My text message inbox, that is:

No car seat

Big or Little?

Do u have advil in your office

Fuck no

Watching epi 1 of weeds season 3. Frickin highlarious

Lost you. Guess it was getting too serious. Ha!

Hey sindalu, I'm wishing I had Showtime so I could watch weeds tonight

I'd rather not shop in Springfield

Fax has been received at ship and we're all set - be back shortly!

I am here

Is there room at the inn?

Are you on your way home?

O yeah

Well I'm having some friends over until tn but I could come right after

Apparently you have a harder job than I do. According to Hazel, "It's because she works on the computer more than you do"

Hv u a iphone?

This is the third time they have been around him and he thought this the whole time. It was the mis-match in number of children that tipped him off.


She bought a big brisket and wants us to barbecue it

George said the war room will shut down at 6 - yea!

Amazingly, the guy gave us $100 without flinching

We're off to get ice cream and feed the chickens

iphone is amazing!

At the movie

Some of our volunteers are pretty serious this morning!

Do u have my ipod? It's missing.

Like monkeys humping footballs over there

Did you kick sm blk ass in oklnd?

Now going to outer bay section

where are you?

Italy mostly good.

I love you


Agent X said...

i recognize three of the texts. you really should delete every once in awhile!

Agent X said...

I have this one - It's not nice to roll your eyes at me when i can't reach around to wash my butt...

Sinda said...


I did delete them, I just wanted to capture some of them first.