Thursday, August 30, 2007


I have a few minutes between when I finish my coffee and start my shower - and Jesse is home, so the kids aren't clinging to me.

When we picked up Hannah yesterday, she was in the elementary afterschool room (not only did she move into an elementary classroom, but also in afterschool), playing Apples to Apples with all the big kids. She came out, full of smiles, and showed us her homework (actually the weekly memo from the school; the only homework she'll ever have is work she chooses to bring home) and babbled excitedly about her day. Montessori classrooms are multi-age, and her new class is comprised of 6-9 year olds. Two of the older students "hosted" her today - showing her around, eating lunch with her, sharing work with her - to help her transition effortlessly into the new environment. Hannah loved one of her hosts especially, and we heard about her through dinner. Later, when we went to the first parent meeting for class, the mother of that girl told us how much she liked Hannah, so it was mutual. We also discovered that the host's younger sister has just entered Hazel's class as a 3 year old, so Hazel can repay the favor!

Hannah learned an "experiment" in class, which was how to make beautiful, albeit high-pitched, music from a wine glass and wet fingers. Our neighbors, who watched the girls while we attended the meeting, really appreciated this new talent!

Hazel's class started "extended day" - the older children stay until 3:00, and eat lunch in the classroom, while the younger children depart at noon. She was happy to get back to this routine - she loves having jobs during lunch, having two gatherings, and this year is enjoying being in the oldest group of children. She's already a Queen Bee - this just makes it official.

The whining and yelling (people haven't had breakfast yet) is increasing, so I'm going to take this opportunity to shower where it's quiet. Ta.

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