Sunday, September 09, 2007

Brain Dump

Wow, I'm surprised Blogger let me in.

School is back in full force, Hannah is seven, Hazel is amazing 80% of the time and possessed the remaining 20%, and summer is winding up here in Austin.

We had a Labor Day party last weekend for friends, family and neighbors, and the heavens opened up and it poured. I remember that it rained last year on Labor Day, too, as we had a party that day as well. I love September in Austin - hot and sweltering in turn with rainy and the promise of cool weather.

We also went to a football game last weekend - the opening UT game. The girls hoped to make it on TV, so they primped accordingly:

Bigger Fan
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Texas, Fight!
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Jesse took some great shots of the field.

Texas Flag
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Last night we went to our neighbors for gumbo and this week's UT game, so Jesse has been in football heaven.

I'm tired...Lisa: Kris and I met up today and took the kids to the new Town Lake park. No pictures from me, but checkout the Flickr set.

Who is going to ACL next weekend? Want to meet up?


Mama Malcontent said...

I'll be running around with Deb- hope to finally meet you then!

Sinda said...

I was trying to think of some way we could ID ourselves to one another, then I realized - Deb! Someone who knows us both!

OK, great, I hope we can hook up -

Víctor said...


Sinda said...

Yo, Victor!

Víctor said...

Yo, Sinda! What's up?

blackbird said...


I lost track of you somehow - don't worry about me, I'm fine...

peevish said...

are you ever going to post again?

Sinda said...

Lisa - maybe...

BB - good, I really have been worried.