Saturday, October 13, 2007

Food Meme

Last seen at Blackbird's.

You are supposed to take each letter from your (blogging) name and give a little food fact to go with it:

Sweet- I love sweets, and usually can't get through the afternoon without tea and cookies or a dessert of some kind.

Indian food is comfort food for me. One of my best friends in high school (Bulu,we should talk more often) was from Bengal, and her mom would always make daal on rainy days. I made sure I was at her house after school whenever it rained, which in Houston, was frequently.

Nuts are often what I eat for breakfast at work, especially almonds. I got hooked on them after Hazel was born, and now I keep a stash in my desk - raw almonds for breakfast, roasted no-salt almonds and cashews for snack later in the day.

Devilled eggs are a favorite, although I usually don't eat them at parties because I'm squeamish about food being left out too long. much less prepared by total strangers (who aren't professionals and don't get inspected periodically). So I love it when Kris makes them, since I deem them safe, I don't feel bad at all about parking myself near them and devouring as many as I want, and I trust her cooking. Plus, and certainly most importantly, she puts bacon and sometimes spinach in them and omg they are divine and why don't I have any right now?

Apples or Alcohol, I couldn't decide. An apple a day is a wonderful thing, but so is a glass of wine.

Jen, Lisa and Kris - you're it!

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Krispy said...

It seems my mom also likes me to be in charge of the deviled eggs now for family events - she keeps volunteering me for them!