Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kitchen Work

Even though Maggie assures me that no one wants to know what I had for lunch, I'll keep putting up my weekly menus here, because I like them recorded somewhere easy to search. Maggie, next time you're in town, come for dinner and you'll know in advance what's going to be be served.

I was able to go to the farmer's market yesterday for the first time all month, and was happy to see fall apples available. I also got a chicken from Full Quiver Farms - a regular purchase by me, along with eggs or bacon. I just looked to see if they have a website, which they don't, but I learned the origins of their name. Hm. I guess if conservative Christians can eat hippie, liberal granola, I can eat food from fundamentalist breeders. I also got lamb shanks, and luckily I don't remember from where, so I don't have to risk discovering it was a Satanist cult.

We have a birthday party to attend this afternoon, so I'm not sure if we'll need to cook or not. If so, I picked up some fresh pappardelle from our friends at Pasta & Co, and we'll make a quick sauce for it.

  • Pappardelle, some kind of sauce.
  • Lamb Shanks - Nigel's, with mustard and red wine. Jesse made them today and they smell divine - we'll serve with mashers, in homage to Nigel.
  • Chili - a cool front blows in tonight, with tomorrow's highs close to 68 -that's a good day in January for us, so we'll appreciate the cold weather food. I made the chili today, too, so that's two or three free nights this week.
  • Chicken breasts marinated in muscat, grilled, with green beans and salad. Another Nigel recipe, this time from a cookbook Lisa sent me - thanks, Lisa!. My mom left a bottle of muscat in my frig, so this will take care of that.
  • Gnocchi and swiss chard - this is a recipe from Amanda Hesser's book, The Cook and the Gardener, about her year spent working as a chef for a family in France. Many of her recipes are too fiddly for our after-work evenings, but this one's easy and so so good. It doesn't hurt that you finish the sauce with butter.
  • Pizza or spaghetti, whatever we feel like on a Friday night.
I want to make pumpkin muffins today, and maybe those cookies again. I can't wait for it to get cooler, so I can make bread again...

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peevish said...

OMG, Pasta & Co has a website? wow.