Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Busy Day

I woke up with a pinched shoulder, which pain only worsened as the morning progressed. It being Sunday, however, I was determined to accomplish my list of action items.

First off, create the menu for the week. To whit:

  • Chicken Noodle soup, the reprise. Requested by Hannah. I'm normally a WFM shopper, but a few weeks ago we went to CM instead. It seemed much cheaper, so I went there again last week, and then this morning, to get more data for comparison purposes. I have to say, though, that the chicken I got there last week paled in comparison to the WFM organic chicken I got this week, for the same price. This week's chicken was plumper, with much more meat (good for the chicken taco night) and the broth was noticeable richer and tastier. I'm glad, because when I got to CM this morning, I couldn't bring myself to buy the meat, so I went to WFM instead for half my items. Yes, I'm a freak about food, I admit it.
  • Pot Roast. The coupon for CM this week was for 2 lbs of Chuck Roast for free, so I happily put it on my menu and went shopping. However, as I said, I couldn't bring myself to get the free meat when I knew I could get local grass-fed beef at WFM. And, it was only 50 cents per pound more (although, of course, I didn't get the free two pounds). Anyway, I made the soup and the pot roast today, so I've already got another meal and leftovers in the frig - yeah!
  • Baked Potatoes with salad - the girls don't like any condiments, although I load mine with sour cream, butter and cheese. To each her own.
  • Stewed lamb with roasted veg - eggplant, tomatoes and potatoes. A Nigel Slater recipe Jesse made for my mom recently, easy and delicious.
  • The ubiquitous chicken tacos. We didn't have them last week - I worked like a dog, Jesse and the girls ate out, and he had the chicken tacos for lunch.
  • Pizza - ditto above.

I also made cookies today - adapted from a Nigella recipe, these had goji berries, chocolate chips, walnuts and oatmeal - they are SO GOOD. Hannah discovered goji berries recently when her teacher made them available for smoothies they make at school, and she loves them. In the cookies, they taste like dried cranberries. I want to try them in scones too. I want to make walnut & goji berry muffins this week too - we'll see.

I tried to go the the Y to soak in the hot tub, but it ddin't open until 1:00, so I soaked in the tub, made the cookies, then read until 4:00, when I got up and made the soup and the pot roast. In between, I did laundry - the perennial Sunday chore - and straightened up. A typical Sunday, trying to get ready for the week.

Now Jesse is helping the girls go to sleep, and I'm watching Mystery! and folding the laundry. And trying to decide if I want tea or milk with my cookie.

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