Saturday, November 03, 2007

A day in the life

A few weeks ago, we got a call from school that Hazel was wan and feverish. Her virus lasted only 24 hours, which is my favorite kind of stay-at-home sickness. Thursday, Hannah was sent home with the same thing. She had a stronger version - higher temperature, etc. - but luckily it lasted only 24 hours as well. By yesterday morning, she felt fine, and after I finished the work I had to do, we had a nice afternoon.

Our neighbors have a new beagle puppy, and since we were home, we were asked to go walk her in the afternoon. We happily obliged - Beagles have such sweet temperaments, and this little girl is no exception. While I wouldn't want to live with one - too much howling! - I enjoy having a puppy to play with.

Later, we picked up Hazel from school, and went on a promised trip to look for slippers and sneakers. Both errands happily accomplished, we swung by to pick up my nephew, and brought him home to play with the puppy and the girls while we waited for my sister to get off work.

We all went out to eat at a local Mexican restaurant with good food and a great patio. The girls love their chicken consomme, and eat bowlfuls (along with chips and queso, a major food group). They brought a friend with them, and on the way out her parents said they'd have a movie showing in their yard later that night. When we got home, the girls and I walked over, and sure enough, a homemade screen was strung between two trees, the projector was set up, lawn chairs and people under blankets strew the lawn, and Pride and Prejudice was playing. The girls went inside to watch Benji in Greece (apparently enthralling), and I watched Elizabeth scorn the lovely Mr. Darcy. I suggested we follow up with Bridget Jones's Diary next week...

The girls ended up sleeping there, which led to a quiet night here for Jesse and me. This will be followed by DATE NIGHT tonight - Happy Anniversary, K & S!

Also - Happy Birthday to my neice, who turns 8 today!

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peevish said...

Ooh, Colin Firth!

You are totally keeping up with BloMo so far!