Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dear Mom

Hannah brought home this note from school today - she wrote it herself, I'm sure at the suggestion of her teacher:

Dear Mom,

I did not like my lunch today. This is what I like.

salami and mayanise sandwich,
oranges, kiwi, and Popcorn, and orange juice,
yogurt, and water, the whole foods soup (miso with mushrooms, greens, noodles)

The funniest part, to me, is that it's addressed to me - Jesse makes 9 out of 10 lunches. Which makes me think a teacher suggested it. "You don't like your lunch today? Maybe you can write your mom a note to tell her what you do like." Very Montessori.


Today was another long day - the second in a row in which I stayed in the office for the entire day, and didn't seem to stop moving when I left. Today I picked up the girls, took Hannah home, took Hazel to WFM to brave the crowds for our turkey and hang out with Aunt Bou and Mosey, then home to get a little more prep done. The pumpkin is cooked and in the frig, the cranberry relish is made and also in the frig.

Cranberry Relish - 1 bag cranberries, 1 whole orange, skin and all, 1/2 - 3/4 cup sugar - put in the food processor until it's consistent, chill. My favorite kind.

Tomorrow - PIES.

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Jennifer said...

Hey! That cranberry relish is the same one my family always serves. It came from one of my old great aunts. I didn't know that anyone else made it or liked it too!