Friday, November 09, 2007

In Summary,

Jesse's been out of town this week, and I'm proud to be able to say that we haven't eaten out once. The food I made over the weekend was worth the effort.

Wednesday night, I invited our neighbors over for dinner - the girls often eat together anyway, so it was nice for me to have some adult company. Yesterday, I picked up the girls from school, along with their two friends and my nephew. My sister comes for dinner once a week, and I usually bring Mosey home with me on those nights (she works at the girls' school; he hangs out there with her).

Those four girls were joined by two more, all of whom entertained Mosey admirably up until the point they departed, en masse, for another house. Mosey stayed and helped me cook, using trucks and cars as implements.

Just after I started to cook, the neighbors from the night before called to reciprocate. We ended up pooling our dinner resources, and eating at their huge and handsome hand-made table. More folks came over, the kids played (except for Mosey, who was exhausted and clung to Karibou like a limp limpet (ha)), and we were entertained with great conversation and stories. We ended up agreeing that our neighbor Paula should write a book. Or several.

The girls all came home with me for a sleepover last night. One fell asleep immediately; two stayed up reading and giggling; Hazel required assistance but crashed as soon as her sleepy head hit the pillow. She's still asleep, but the rest are cooking eggs as I type.

Life is good.

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peevish said...

Limp limpet! Ha! Junebug has a seashell collection, and the Limpet shell is my favorite.

I can't wait for Paula's audiobook, because I would want to hear the stories in her voice.