Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Is it still Monday?

Long day at work. Long drive to and from the lakehouse, previously. Left work, went to grocery store, went to school, picked up two children, drove a bit to get a car seat, returned for third child. Drove home, released children, unloaded groceries, inquired after nephew in the darkening gloom of the yard. Found nephew in the car - how did he climb in through the back? - brought nephew inside, convinced children to stay home and not go to neighbors since nephew was here. Helped finish dinner, welcomed sister, ate dinner, witnessed Hannah and Jesse have a battle of the wills, put dinner away, kissed crying children goodbye, apologized to incredible sister, rode with Jesse to parenting class at school. Two hours later, came home, children sleeping, sister reading, talked about aching sadness in the school community until it was past time for sister and nephew to go home. Made dough for Hazelnut Matchsticks, 3 of the 4 pie crusts I will need (1, Julia; 2, Cook's Illustrated), baked the matchsticks, took out the trash and the recycling, washed the dishes, sat for a minute. Got up, reset the timer for 3 more minutes, sat again. One batch is out, the other is almost done, then to bed.

Did I mention I had caffeine at 7 pm?Link

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