Sunday, November 11, 2007


"I feel like all I do is work," grumbled my neighbor, "I almost finished all of the dishes, and I'm nowhere near the end of the laundry," she continued. I agreed - it's felt particularly never-ending lately, and I only have two children - she has four!

Mine and one of hers are currently in the street, huddled around a neighbor's recycling containers. They must be out of town; they've set out the distinctive green plastic boxes early this week. The girls noticed the booty first thing this morning - many bottles, all shapes, sizes and colors, all there for the taking. The most treasured finds made their way to our house earlier today, and I just sent them packing. Goodbye, TWO Crown Royal bottles!

Some of the bottles are being exchanged or returned, it seems - each time I look out the window, I can see much discussion and debate taking place.

"These can't stay here," I told them. "You can recycle them, or I can recycle them, but you can't keep them in the house."

Who knows where they will end up - probably in the "clubhouse" the girls have created in a back yard. As long as they're not contributing to my endless pile of work, I'm selfishly happy.

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