Thursday, November 08, 2007

What brought you here?


It's fun to see what searches brought folks to this little spot.

A lot of people wanted to know what was eating their penta plants:
  • caterpillar penta
  • hornworms and penta
  • pictures and names of plant eating caterpillars in
  • hornworm pentas
  • penta plant in austin
  • what's eating my pentas
  • penta hornworm
While a smaller amount of folks also have woodpeckers nesting nearby:
  • woodpeckers [sic] babies
Many are looking for recipes or meal ideas:
  • goji berry scones
  • molly's snowcones
  • noodle soup nigel slater
  • organic chicken tacos reciepe [sic]
  • almonds for breakfast
What soap should I use?
  • laundry detergent
  • ecos detergent infant
What should I be for Halloween?
  • louse costume
I can't believe no one's offered me money for these things, as often as they're searched for:
  • wakefield 6 dogbone chairs -ebay
And for Lisa, who probably searches every day for these:
  • cucumbers
* Blogging with wine. Everyone's doing it!

1 comment:

peevish said...

It's better than drunk-dialing.

Unless it's Nicki & Barb calling. Then it makes sense.

I also can't believe no one has offered to buy those chairs. You should just go ahead and have them stripped yourself. Hey, stripping! That word would attract some new people to your site.