Friday, December 14, 2007

Crank That

A while ago, Hannah and I were in the car together, and she asked me to play "Soulja Boy" for her. You have to understand that in the car, I listen to NPR or KGSR, or the iPod or the CD player - none of that pop shit for me, thank you. So my kids are unfamiliar with the fact that radio stations? They don't play music on command for you. You have to wait and listen to all of their ads before they'll play the top 10 again.

So she asks for this song, which she heard about from the 'hood and has also learned the dance for, and I tried to explain the difference between music on demand and the radio. I was not getting through, however, and she was firm in her request that I turn the radio to [insert local crap pop station here] so she could hear Soulja Boy.

"Ok," I said, reaching for the radio, "but you're not going to hear th..."

Yes, Soulja Boy was playing. She was right, and I was wrong. And now, everytime she asks, I turn the dial, just to see.

All of this is to say - check out this video, Crank That Kosher Boy (courtesy of Becca)

1 comment:

Krispy said...

of course I'm laughing even harder at the fact that the radio station proved you wrong.

I feel like that a lot sometimes...