Thursday, December 20, 2007


I sort of feel like maybe the holidays are here. Actually, that isn't true - the holiday stress has been here for some time. Monday night Hazel complained of such a violent pain in her ear that she sobbed until she fell asleep, which is unlike her. She and Jesse stayed home Tuesday, and were both happy and productive. So productive, in fact, that everything on my "this is what I would do if I were home today" list got done - kudos to Jesse. He even made, with Hazel's assistance, the artichoke dip for my office potluck, which got recycled at the neighborhood caroling event last night.

Tuesday night, Hazel woke up at midnight with a headache, and although she quickly fell asleep again, I did not. I was up until 3:30, but I did get the mailing list done for our holiday cards. If they ever come in, I'll be prepared to mail them. Stamps, check! Addresses, check! Cards - nope!

Paula poured me a glass of medicine at her party last night, and I drank it all, then came home alone before they left to carol. I was sad to miss it, but I really needed some down time. I did go to bed early, but when Hannah came in at 3:30, the list-making started again and I couldn't get back to sleep. Which is why I'm halfway through my latte, composing a blog post at 5 am.

Hey, did you know Hazel got glasses?

She did! I need to take a proper picture with the camera, this one was with my new Pearl. Another neighbor is in the hospital recuperating from a planned surgery, and asked me to send her a shot of Hazel, because she couldn't wait until she got home to see. So I took this one on the way home from school yesterday, and MMS'd it to her.

Hazel failed the vision screening at school, and when Jesse took her to an ophthalmologist last week, she was diagnosed with Lazy Eye, or Amblyopia. Essentially, one eye is more far-sighted than the other, and to compensate, her brain makes one eye do most of the work, and the other one gets weak, or "lazy." Apparently, if you catch it before age seven or so, you can reverse it - so I'm grateful for the school screening. Today, her vision cannot be corrected to 20/20, but with the glasses, the doctor didn't think there would be a problem getting her to 20/20 - we have to go back in six months to see.

Hazel is thrilled at the new accessories, not only the glasses but also an adorable purse-like case, her very own cleaning fluid, cloth, AND a screwdriver.

I'm finally off work today, and I have a million errands to run before 3:00, which is when I need to pick up Hazel from school so we can go see Hannah in the Winter Gathering her class is hosting. I understand - not from Hannah, but from her teacher - that Hannah and a friend will recite a poem and ring hand bells. Hannah has not divulged this information to me, so I'm not bringing it up. She does keep insisting that Hazel can't come, and I keep insisting that she can! Hazel finally stopped mentioning it to Hannah, and only whispers it to me to confirm. Poor little sis!

So, today shopping for last minute gifts for the girls, mostly stocking stuffers, and a few other odds and ends. Tomorrow we get ready for the cousins' arrival, and our holiday party / white elephant exchange Saturday night.

Oh, and Lisa, you'll appreciate this - the package Jesse mailed to you Tuesday was delivered to our house yesterday. He did everything right, but because he used a priority service box that we had handy here, it got returned for insufficient postage. So I'll go to the PO today to try and straighten it out! One box from you from Amazon arrived as well.

I hope you are all ready for the holidays, and I hope the stress departs post haste.