Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Today Was a Very Exciting Day

To start with, Hannah and I awoke at 4:45 am and hung around listlessly together until my coffee was made and the first drops consumed. Then we made faux-chocolate croissants, and thanked Nigella kindly for the idea & recipe, and lured Hazel out of bed with them. THEN Hannah's tooth came out - the very loose one which had been banged the night before. Apparently, banging was what was needed.

You can't really see the gap very well in this one, but I love it.

Try this - not as flattering, but full of gap.

Then I drove to school, to work, to San Antonio, to San Marcos, to Target, to school and back to home again, with much shopping done in between. Plus, I argued with a man over a shopping cart: Who should have it, the woman who found it, made sure it was available, and began to walk with it towards her umpteen bags of Christmas Crap in order to cart them to her car, or the man who was loitering nearby, "waiting for a cart," so he could give it to his shopping wife? He and I held very different beliefs.

Plus, tonight is the first night of Hanukkah, so once home I had to send the children out of the house, and quickly wrap their gifts. I have decreed this year that we shall receive Hanukkah gifts on the first night and the last night, and that's it. Many tears were shed, but I think it will be much better this way, as small children tend not to be very appreciative of small gifts, and I'm not giving 8 BIG gifts. I can throw the small stuff in with Christmas where it is disguised amongst all the clutter!

The girls got what they wanted, even though I HATE them. Follow the link at your own peril - the things are demonic.

They played happily for over an hour, feeding and changing the little monsters, and now all four of them are sleeping. Ick.


La Turista said...

I agree - those babies are terrifying. The eyes!

peevish said...

I can't believe you bought them. I wouldn't be able to sleep with them in the house.

Please congratulate Hannah on her missing tooth. Junebug has had a loose front tooth for about 2 months now. It is being pushed out by the tooth behind it trying to come in, and still it refuses to give up the ghost. Perhaps a banging is in order.

peevish said...

Also, if I know you, you won that shopping cart battle.

Krispy said...

Apologize to Hannah for my not noticing her gap this weekend.

Smith and I argued about a toy he hated that Nbear really really wants. Smith hates it because of size. I like it because it is something that he really really wants. He's not been so excited and so verbal with his "wants" before.