Sunday, January 20, 2008

Busy yet Lazy

I'm taking a quick break from working on the annual performance appraisals for my team. The deadline is earlier than usual this year, due to some system changes, and it snuck up on me. I planned to go into the office today, but decided to stay home instead, and I'm so happy I did.

The girls each had a play date today, Hannah here, and Hazel at her friend's house. The morning started out pretty miserably, as neither girl could wait until 1:30 or 2:00 when the fun would begin. Eventually, though, we all settled in to some housekeeping tasks. The girls cleaned their rooms, Hazel in particular re-arranging her bed so that her head and feet were reversed, and Hannah also combed out her hair and had me re-braid it. They stayed happily occupied until Hannah's friend arrived, and then we heard from hazel's friend's mother that Hazel's date would be delayed. Poor Hazel was terribly prosaic about it - at one point, she had a small chair and her booster seat out in the front, and painted pictures while she waited. She tried really hard not to bother Hannah, which was torturous for her as the other two girls were having so much fun. Finally she went down the street to play with neighbors until her ride eventually arrived.

Now Hannah's friend has gone home, Jesse is at tennis, Hazel will come home with him later, and Hannah is with the 'hood friends. I've got the fire going, my afternoon tea made, and I've been curled up on the chair with my work computer knocking out my appraisals. Oh, yes, and the house is clean, the laundry is put away, and Jesse prepped the veg for tonight's Barley Mushroom soup and Roasted Winter Vegetable salad.

Tomorrow I go away to a nearby resort for two nights while we host a work event, which I'm hoping won't be too stressful. Since I did forgo yoga today in order to get the house in such good shape. Maybe I can do some there? What are the odds?