Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fresh Food

While I want to write about The Orphanage (Yes! I saw it!), and the lovely weekend spent biking with the girls and at the library, ditto, I'm saving those for later. For now, I want to get my menu up, because I haven't done so in several weeks. We've had some great food here, and you know nothing about it!

Jesse has discovered a great new recipe for Buckwheat pancakes, from Deborah Madison's book, Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. We tried it out on Krispy and co. last week, declared it a success, and had them again today - they are wonderful. Jesse substituted Lyle's Golden Syrup for half of the molasses. Yum.

This week, for some reason, we are meat-a-licious, which is kind of strange. I'm not sure what's up with that, although Jesse did participate more in the menu planning than he usually does...
  • Tonight I made a Mediterranean Fish Soup, from Nancy Harmon Jenkin's book, The Mediterranean Diet. Cod, shrimp, calamari, mussels, all with a fish stock and based on an incredible onion and tomato...well, almost a confit. It was excellent, and I made the little flatbreads from Nigels' Diary as well. So so good.
  • Jesse made meatballs and spaghetti sauce today while the girls and I were at the library, so we're armed for tomorrow night.
  • Pork Chops a la Nigella - flattened so that they cook as fast as they brown - with fresh broccoli from the farmer's market and gnocchi...did I buy gnocchi? Maybe with another side, oops.
  • Chicken Stew in the pressure cooker, so Jesse has to make it. I read a comment from Nigella that she doesn't like to cook in pots that hiss at her, and I completely concur, but Jesse is a whiz at it.
  • Buttermilk Roast chicken drumsticks, another Nigella recipe I haven't tried yet. They take only 30 minutes to cook, so I love them already.
  • Pizza - we've moved it to Saturdays, which is working much better for us.Last night we all stayed up and ate pizza and watched Planet Earth dvds, which was a blast. Word to the wise - not so many predators in the jungle as in fresh water.
Last week I finally made Nigella's crispy duck tacos, which are served with Hoisin sauce like moo-shoo - wow, they were amazing. The duck roasts, completely naked, at 325 for 4-5 hours, and the meat just shreds perfectly when it comes out. Hannah quite liked the skin. We also made a Vietnamese Shrimp Bun on Friday, which the babysitters devoured while we were gone.

That's it from the food department. More, maybe, later.


Jennifer said...

It all sounds yummy.

We love Planet Earth, too. My kids were horrified but riveted by the great white sharks eating the seals, only to be slammed by the seals eating the clumsy sweet penguins moments later. Just like the penguins eat fish, and we eat chicken... quite a life lesson. "Those poor fish are dead," Colin said today, after seeing video of a harvest. "I like fish, but mostly salmon..." as in eating salmon!!! Especially smoked, mmm....

Sinda said...

Jennifer, that reminds me of a story from when Hannah was around 3. We were eating at Artz Rib House, and she was gnawing on ribs, and got a thoughtful expression on her face. "What kind of animal does this meat come from?" she asked. Uh oh, we thought, here it comes, she'll be freaked out...but we told her, 'Pig."

"I love these pig bones!" was her response.

peevish said...

If I were there, I would fight Hannah for that duck skin.