Saturday, January 26, 2008


Two days ago the high was 35; yesterday, 41; today, 70. Texas, I LOVE you.

Friday the girls didn't come home from hanging out at the neighbors, so Jesse and I pulled the big chair and ottoman over to the fire and watched Netflix DVDs and drank decaf (me) and Scotch (him). I had a crazy busy week, so it was terrific to get in a relaxing evening. Saturday morning, I took Hazel and a friend to the Sunset Valley FM where it was sunny and 45 and felt like heaven. The main tent wasn't up, so we could sit in the sun, nosh on our goodies, and listen to music for awhile.

Today, I made it into the early yoga class, where I saw everyone I know. Seriously - Austin is not a tiny town, but it sure acts like one. One old friend was in the class with me, and as I left, I saw four more waiting for the next class - including Krispy and, Lisa, your Jennifer. At a children's party this afternoon I learned that another mama-friend had been there as well. Going to Angela's Sunday morning class is what I imagine going to church is for others - it puts the whole day and the upcoming week into perspective.

Now we're home from the party, Jesse is at tennis, and I've given myself 20 minutes before I need to start dinner. What's for dinner?

  • Cornish hens, sweet potatoes (FM) & green beans - another Nigella Express recipe. Hannah thinks the small birds are too cute to eat, so we'll see how this pans out.
  • Nigel's pork burgers, brown rice, salad. You cannot go wrong with these pork burgers. If you have The Kitchen Diaries, and you haven't made them yet, DO IT!
  • Sauteed kale & red cabbage (both FM finds), and mushroom risotto - from Peter Berley's Fresh Food Fast. I made his Mushroom Barley soup last Sunday and it was so incredibly simple and delicious, I even ate leftovers.
  • Bucatini all'Amatriciana, broccoli (FM) sauteed with garlic.
  • Seared salmon & sesame noodles. Both Nigella Express dishes - I'm trying WFM frozen wild Salmon fillets, so I'm not sure how they will turn out, but I'd like the flexibility of having fish on a night other than Sunday, which is how it normally works out for me.
  • Potato & Leek frittata, romaine salad with Asiago toasts. Peter Berley again, and I actually made this last night. Jesse and I loved it, Hannah ate the salad and the toast, Hazel ate the toast and a little of the frittata. They are both highly suspicious of eggs and THINGS.
My twenty minutes are almost up, and the laundry isn't going to fold itself.

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peevish said...

All that food sounds soo good.

Also, the yoga. And friends.