Friday, February 08, 2008

One or Two

Yesterday I went back to work after a week at home. One day for a sick child, two planned school holidays, and two or so days struck down by the flu. I don't recommend that kind of vacation.

Wednesday, my symptoms were largely gone, but I was exhausted and weak from not having eaten in days. I was, however, finally able to watch TV without wincing, and so finally got to see The Constant Gardener - it's been by by bed for weeks. I really liked it - the pacing was perfect for the day, the story gripping, and the actors excellent. By far my favorite, though, was the following quote.

Ralph Fiennes and Bill Nighy are eating at Bill Nighy's character's- Sir Bernard Pellegrin's- exclusive club. Fiennes plays Quayle, whose wife has recently been found murdered in Kenya, and who has just been sent home to Britain for an extended leave. Sir Pellegrin has accused Quayle's wife's companion of murdering her, when Quayle demurs that in fact, her companion was a gay man.

Quayle: Gay men don't usually rape their woman friends.

Sir Pellegrin: Well, I've known one or two very savage queens in my time.

The incongruity of this line coming from the upper crust Englishman in his exclusive club - it just cracked me up. Plus, when can Bill Nighy NOT deliver a line perfectly?


peevish said...

God, I love him. Sorry Mr. Man, but I would marry him in a heartbeat.

peevish said...

also, we have been flu-ish here as well. I'm glad you are feeling better.