Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spike, Daisy, Olaf and Belle

As you've probably heard, Uno swept Westminster last week, becoming the first ever Beagle to win the show. Beagle-mania is taking over America, but it's been in our house for months.

Our neighbors,after falling in love with a puppy at the pound, carefully researched the breed and decided that a dog that howls incessantly and follows scents like a...well, like a hound, was the perfect dog for them. Lola was incredibly cute; I can see how she was irresistable.

Unfortunately, I did say was - Lola had a fatal run-in with a car and hearts up and down the block were broken. We all mourned.

A few months later, Lucy was located in Missouri or Arkansas or Oklahoma - they all blend together - and picked up on the way home from holiday traveling. While not as true to the breed type as Lola was, she's incredibly sweet and very cute. On New Year's Eve, one of her first nights with her new family, Hannah spent much of the evening inside Lucy's crate with her, just holding her.

So, add this love for Lucy and Lola to Hannah's new-found appreciation for Encylopedias, and you'll understand why we're Beagle-obsessed. As soon as we got the new World Books, Hannah pulled out the B volume and found the Beagle straightaway. Has someone left a computer unguarded and unlocked? Hannah is googling Beagles Dogs Pets. Build a Bear Workshop sends us a coupon for a free animal? Hannah chooses the Beagle (it's really a terrier, but don't try to tell her that). Do you know all of Snoopy's siblings' names? I do, and so does Hannah!

I'm hoping that her obsession will wane, because I'm stating for the record, a Beagle is not the dog for me. Even though their ears are velvety soft and their eyes are big and brown and their tails are so perky...no, no no!


peevish said...

I'm just gonna check Democrat, whover the F#@k it is.

Also, obviously, I'm with you on the baying Beagle. If you can find one with missing vocal chords, that would be a different story.

Jennifer said...

At the clinic we all collectively groaned when the beagle won. Adorable, but... the baying! the ear infections! the low IQ scores!

Krispy said...

When are those adorable, uber-smart, barkless basingis going to come back in favor? Maybe the beagle winning is a reflection of our political present...