Sunday, February 03, 2008

Taste of Spring

I've had an unexpected 5-day weekend, which has been pretty fabulous and relaxing. Yesterday, Hazel accompanied me to a hair appointment, while Jesse took Hannah to get blood drawn for an allergy test. She was much braver with him than I think she would have been for me, and Hazel and I had fun. Afterwards, Jesse went off to a conference and the girls and I ate lunch out and then gardened all afternoon. It's been in the 70's all weekend, so warm that we even slept with the windows open last night, perfect weather for starting Lupine and Larkspur seeds.

After a late WFM trip, during which each girl ate their favorite dinner: Hazel, Chopped Beef BBQ sandwich and Hannah, Vegetable and Tofu Miso Noodle soup, we came home and watched a movie together until Jesse got home at 9:00.

This morning the Krispys joined us for breakfast - or rather, Kris escorted her family in the front door and then ran with me out the back door for the 9 am yoga class, then we came home and ate after. We all enjoyed a lazy Sunday morning together, reading the paper, perusing the new set of World Books I just got for the girls, and staring intently at the Venus Fly Trap, waiting for the proffered fly to meet its doom.

Later, the girls and I headed downtown in our finery to see a play at the Paramount, hit the library for a fresh infusion of books, then came home to spend the rest of the gorgeous day outside. Well, they spent it outside - Jesse spent it watching some game, and I finished the Minsetrone he'd begun pre-kick off. Our neighbors ended up eating with us, and then they took our children home with them, after asking if we minded if they spent the night there. Ha!

Tomorrow is another day at home, with the adorable Mose and a family from school with four children ages 5, 3, 2 & 5 months. I think we'll have plenty to do to keep us occupied!

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