Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Daylight, Tunnel

The girls are better - they began to mend well yesterday, and I have high hopes for them today. Jesse was just as sick yesterday as the day before, so I have no expectations for him whatsoever today.

We canceled our camping trip to the coast, but are still clinging to a trip to Sea World in San Antonio. I only hope we can go before the weekend, as SA's spring break is next week, and the crowds will be out in full force.

I've finally begun to tackle the laundry. With all of the sickness around, I let it pile up until I felt some sort of comfort that I could wash away the germs permanently. However based on fiction this comfort is, it works for me. We have a lot of freakin' laundry.

We also have a lot of freakin' stuffed animals - lovies - and I desperately want to haul them away. Yesterday, Hannah spied a stuffed skunk at the toy store - she LOVES skunks - and I bargained with her that I'd buy the $15 creature if she'd agree to let me donate the three large sacks of lovies I cleaned out of her room last week to Goodwill. She thought it over, and declined. Foiled!

For dinner last night, we met up with Aunt Bou and Mosey and wandered the halls of Whole Foods in search of food. Seafood soup for Hazel - check. Chicken Noodle soup for Hannah and Mosey - different part of the store - check. Pepperoni rolls and salad for me, yet another part of the store - check. Back to the middle of the store for BBQ for Bou - check. Up the elevator to the roof to eat, then back down for desserts. Gelato for the children - check. Coffee, down the aisle, for the adults - check. Desserts from the dessert bar for the adults - check. Then, finally, one trip back into the depths for milk.

I counted - I have 4 receipts from our sojourn there.

I can't think of anything fun and close to home to take the girls to today, so I'm counting on neighborhood fun. Since they've been out of commission for a few days, that should work. I need to haul the rest of my trees to the curb, rake, spread compost, and plant a few more seeds - we'll see if I'm able to. It's going to be a glorious spring day, highs in the 70's today, so at least I can open up the house and air out the fug.

Back to the laundry, for now - ta!

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