Sunday, March 09, 2008


My house has been struck by the plague. Hannah woke up with strep on Tuesday, and also, I think now, a virus. She was home until Friday, when Hazel woke up with a virus, but not strep. Jesse was tired all week, and on Friday came home early and got in bed, where he's been as often as possible ever since. The girls felt great yesterday, but must have overdone it, since both are wan and coughing today. Eventually, we'll get a proper vacation out of this Spring Break.

In the meantime, the City picks up our heavy brush next weekend, so I spent hours today outside with the clippers and a chainsaw, waging war against the Ligustrum. O, how I hate this tree. It's about to rain, but maybe tomorrow I'll get outside and photograph my huge piles of brush.

Last night, Kris and I met up - after what seems like months of not seeing one another - and went to the movies. We tried to go to the Alamo, but it's South By, and it was C R A Z Y. Even Juno, which has been out for weeks, was almost sold out, so we decided to go elsewhere. We ended up at Westgate, which was emphatically not filled with badge-sporting hipsters, and saw The Bank Job. While parts were graphically gruesome, it was a suspenseful and enjoyable movie - pure escapism. Later, we shared a Wom Kim Pudding at Hyde Park and solved problems - those of our own, society, friends and acquaintances. We were very productive.

Please send healing thoughts to my household. I have to work for a few hours tomorrow, but then I'd really like to get on with my holiday. Thanks.

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peevish said...

Oh, do get all better soon, DO!

Is it Spring Break already? Ours won't come for a few weeks yet. And, just to be annoying, Ruby's is one week later than Lyra's.