Monday, March 10, 2008

Plague Update

Hazel: Ear infection, Flu
Hannah - Strep, Flu (unconfirmed)
Jesse - Flu (unconfirmed)

Since all three share Hazel's symptoms, and since it's too late for an anti-viral, Hannah and Jesse weren't tested for the flu, but we're fairly sure they have it too.


Nickster said...

Hey Sin...just checking in on your blog. It's been awhile. It figures I would catch you when the plague is going around your house. I hope you stay well. It swept through work and our community pretty bad about 2 weeks ago, nasty stuff. I was lucky (knock on wood)that I didn't get it. Take your Vitamin C and get plenty of rest! Niki

Sinda said...

Hey, Niki - good to hear from you! I had it about a month ago, so I'm hoping it's the same strain and I'm safe? I don't know if that's how it works but that's my theory, anyway.

peevish said...

That is quite a tally, Missy.